Acecgt Life Science Limited (ALS) is partnering arm of the Acecgt Group. Acecgt Life Science focuses on the commercialization of know-how and inventions from the Industrial and Academic partners. Establishing partnership with inventors and investors, Acecgt Life Science brings value to the technological marketplace within the biotechnology sectors.

We work closely with both local and international collaborators, biotech companies and research institutes for collaboration, R&D, licensing, technology transfer and commercialization for living.

We seek prospective and long term strategic partners, licensees, inventors and co-investors for the commercialization of its inventions and know-how. We market primarily in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Acecgt Life Science is interested in novel and platform technologies in the fields of:

›Healthcare technology ›Health and wellness ›Individualized diets
›Medical molecular diagnosis ›Personalized and preventive medicine ›Stem cell regeneration biology

Acecgt Life Science is targeted to invest and/or co-invest promising projects and tomorrow stars that passed the screening criteria, feasibility study and the due diligence process that conducted by the group's members.

We look for innovative technologies and use curiosity as our compass.